A sophisticated mind relaxing and healing therapy

Our body is the bundle of energy. Whole through the life, the energy transfers from body to atmosphere and atmosphere to body. Now a days lot of people are suffering with stress or low energy problems; either the energy flow is decreased or no energy. Due to blockages of life energy flow, different types of diseases occur inside the body as well as in subtle body.

Ayurveda, natural system of healing, is the science of life energy. It is very useful to balance or revive the life energy through diet, yoga, meditation, medication, bodywork etc. Apart from these, “Marma Chikitsa”, is another very useful healing process in ayurveda. A sophisticated mind relaxing healing touch on certain points is called “Marma”.

How MARMA works

Marma chikitsa works on the 108 subtle energy points by opening up the energy channels or strotras, which in turn work on many levels of the physical, mental and subtle body. Deeply relaxing and harmonising to the eyes, nose, throat, brain, vocal cords and tonsils.

It opens the energy channels, increase energy and enhance vitality (the Prana Tatva). “Marma” is energy conserving, flowing, vitalizing effect on body, mind and energy chakras. It releases stress and disease process reverses towards good health.

Benefits of MARMA

  • Energy blockages opens
  • Stress releases
  • Body hydrates
  • Happy hormones(serotonin) secretes
  • Body moves from Tamas (inertia) and /or Rajas (hyperactivity) guna to Satvik(balanced) guna
  • Patient gets sound sleep.
  • Positivity dawns in life.
  • Reduces psychiatric disturbances.
  • Improves every aspect of life.