A safe ayurvedic combination beneficial for growth and development of children

  • SRI SRI SUVARNAPRASHANAM one of the comprehensive immunizers mentioned in Ayurveda
  • It is a safe Ayurvedic combination which is beneficial for normal growth and development of children.
  • It is given to children from Birth to 10 years on Pushya Nakshatra of every month to impart greater efficacy.


Administering Sri Sri Suvarnaprashana regularly from birth to 10 years of age bestows excellent benefits.

  • Increases immunity
  • Increase intelligence
  • Helps to maintain health by preventing common recurrent infections, asthma and other allergic conditions
  • Reduces temper tantrums,attention deficits,bed wetting and other Neuro psychosomatic problems
  • Improve speech, hearing and visual acuity
  • Improves digestion and tones up skin colour


It is prepared with pure gold in its bio-available form and other Ayuvedic Immunomodulators and brain tonics.

Side effects

There are no side effects noted so far.

General Information :

To monitor monthly progress, a card will be maintained for every kid who is undergoing immunization.